Water Damage


What is a Water Damage or Flood?

24721209_ml Water DamageA "Water Damage" is basically an excess of water in an indoor area that normally does not have water or moisture.  This may involve a broken toilet line, broken washing machine hose, bursted ice maker line or many more causes of 'water damage'.  With a few exceptions, a basic homeowner's insurance policy will cover the majority or at least part of the costs for this type of loss.  (Check your policy or contact your agent!!)


2575064_ml New Water Damage ImageA "Flood" is normally associated with outside water coming into a structure from, excess rain, flooding river or lake or even a leaky roof.  Normally, a basic homeowner's policy does NOT cover this type of loss and special insurance is required.  If you are unsure or need more clarification, please contact your agent or insurance company directly.

What ever term you use, make sure you take the appropriate steps for your safety and to protect your contents and structure.

Do You Need A Restoration Company?

Water can migrate into many areas of the structure without you knowing it.  Without the proper training, experience and equipment, it is highly likely that this moisture will not be found and removed correctly.  This water/moisture can cause additional damage and even worse; cause microbial growth.  (aka MOLD) The issue now escalates into safety and $$$.

A highly trained and professional restoration company such as ours has the experience and know-how to find this moisture and remove it with various methods. Most insurance companies require you to call you a professional remediation company to ensure the loss is handles properly and also to MITIGATE further damage and financial loss.

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What To Expect During the Process

When you call our company with a loss, our dedicated team will answer any questions you may have as well as ask questions about the loss such as size, rooms affected, age of structure, etc.  This ensures that we prepare properly before we dispatch a team to your location.  (247)

American Flood & Fire Recovery Services  is normally on site within 2  of the initial call or the time that the client designates.  At that point, we will access the moisture, explain the process and have you sign a 'work authorization'.  We will then start the necessary actions needed to save your contents and the structure.  We now have removed the stress from your shoulders and allow you to focus on your family's needs.