Mold Damage


What Is Microbial Growth

    (aka MOLD)?   

A “mold spore” is part of the fungal family. It grows in the form of multicellular filaments called hyphae. There are ‘mold spores’ all around us. 

They are a natural part of the environment that we live in. They help us in many ways such as life saving medicines, food production, and also help in the circle of life by breaking down organic material.  Mold forms when 3 favorable conditions come together and remain constant for a period of time. These three necessary requirements are :

1) Moisture   2)  Oxygen    3) Food Source

Molds can grow in a large range of temperatures. Certain molds can survive harsh conditions such as snow covered soils in Antarctica, highly acidic solvents and even jet fuel.

How Does Mold Affect You?

Mold spores affect all of us in different ways. The young, elderly and those with breathing issues are most at risk. Some of the most common symptoms of exposure can be wheezing, stuffy or runny nose, itchy/watery eyes and rash/itching. These symptoms are typical of other allergies. Respiratory issues can result from exposure to mold spores in short term and long terms.

Some molds produce ‘mycotoxins’ that can pose a very serious risk to humans as well as animals. Studies claim that exposure to high levels of ‘mycotoxins’can lead to neurological issues and in some cases death!

“TOXIC” or “BLACK MOLD” is actually Stachybotrys Chartarum. This is the mold that you hear about most on the news with regards to health concerns. This mold spore exists in the surrounding areas. We have heard many times that “mold does not grow in our area” or there is no “black mold” in our area. This is a very false statement. No matter what type of mold you may have, please error on the side of caution. Your health is #1.

What Do I Do If I Have Mold?

The best thing that we recommend is to ‘be concerned about your safety’. Stay away from it if at all possible. Do NOT blow air across it to prevent contamination of the rest of your structure. We also recommend you speak to your personal physician immediately. We can NOT give health advise and we will never do so. We always advise that you “Error on the Side of Caution” and do not jeopardize your health.

Professional Remediation

Our specially trained team addresses mold growth with extreme caution and safety. We do not just ‘spray it and paint over it”.  Specialized containment is installed, HEPA air scrubbers are put in place and we physically remove it using various methods such as sanding, wiping, soda blasting and dry ice blasting. A 3rd party testing company (when applicable) provides final clearance so that it can be occupied again with ‘peace of mind.