Fire Damage



fire-damageWhen a fire occurs in a structure, there are many things that happen simultaneously There is the actual fire itself and what it destroys, there is the heat from the fire and what it affects and the biggest issue from a fire is the smoke/soot and detriments it causes. This smoke/soot affects many areas in the structure that many would think should not be affected. (Have you ever burnt popcorn in the house?) These infected areas can be found a great distance from the fire. The smoke particles are extremely small (.1-4 microns) and the characteristics of these particles depend on many factors relating to the fire and the materials being burned. They have the ability to penetrate even the smallest pores in surfaces. These surfaces have to be cleaned properly in order to remove the odor and soot.

What Do I Do First?

44009677_ml Bedroom fire DamageThe fire is extinguished and the fire department has left. What do you do now? The first call is to our professional  restoration company to stop further loss. The excess water has to be removed and the structure needs to be dried out. The contents need to be addressed immediately. What can be ‘salvaged’ needs to be moved out of the damaged structure or moved into a ‘contained’ area where further damage can not occur. The acidic oils and soot from a fire can corrode, pit and further the staining process. “Corrosion Mitigation” must be provided immediately to prevent loss to metal components in the home that can be salvaged.


What To Expect In The Process?

Nothing happens quickly when it comes to a fire loss. Short of calling a professional remediation company out to do ‘corrosion mitigation’ and work towards ‘saving contents’, the process can last for weeks and/or months. Some larger losses may take over a year to complete. Much is determined by the insurance company, the adjuster and the remediation company.

During a fire/soot loss, it is important to work directly with the onsite insurance adjuster. He/she is key to making sure that the contents and the structure are ‘brought back to pre-loss conditions’. The more photos, receipts and information that you can provide him/her the better. It also helps them perform their job quicker and with more ease. They are new to your home and will not understand it as well as you do!

The contents need to be addressed and packed out, a portion of the structure may need to go thru a demolition phase and then the cleaning begins, if applicable.

Rebuilding the structure will depend on how much needs to be done, etc. It takes time and allot of patience. We are experienced in the whole process from start to finish. GIVE US A CALL TODAY!!