About Us

About Us

American Cleaning & Restoration Services, Inc. is a family owned and operated company based in the High Desert. We have a basic service area of approx. 75-mile radius to service the needs of our customers in the great cities of Wrightwood, Hesperia, Victorville, Apple Valley, Lucerne, Helendale, Barstow, Fort Irwin, Ridgecrest, China Lake, Palmdale, Lancaster, Big Bear and all the great towns and clients in between. At times and upon the request of clients, adjusters, agents and future friends, we will travel farther distances to help a stressed client. We are not a sophisticated company with lots of bells and whistles. Who needs it? We believe in ‘honesty, integrity, trust and service’. The most important thing in our business is YOU!  We run our business on the same concepts that made this country great; hard work and dedication. We are dedicated to being the best company in our line of work, period.

We have divided the company up into two basic smaller specialized companies. They are:

American Flood & Fire Recovery Services

American Textile Cleaning Services.

    A Family Owned and Operated Company


American Flood & Fire Recovery Services specializes in professional water and fire restoration as well as microbial/mold remediation. We feel we provide exceptional expertise and commitment in each of these areas. We have the specialized equipment necessary to provide the results necessary in all aspects of our demanding field. All of our equipment is maintained to the Nth degree and the equipment is all ‘up to date’ in technology. We only purchase the highest quality equipment that money can buy. This ensures quality.

To complement the equipment, we are continually taking educational courses to stay updated with all the new techniques and procedures outlined by the IICRC. (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) Continuing education is a requirement that we are committed to pursuing and will spare no expense when updated classes are offered. We are committed to excellence. We are a certified IICRC firm. Along with the IICRC certification, our company is RRP certified. This is a lead paint certification issued by the federal government. Our professional company follows the strict guidelines set by these governing bodies.

When a company is called out to provide restoration services, one of the biggest things that have to be in place is TRUST. You have to feel confident and trust in the people that are in your home or office. Are they going to look thru your personal items or documents? Are they going to ‘help themselves’ to your valuables while moving or packing out your contents? One huge attraction for our professional restoration company is that our crew is hand-picked and thoroughly checked out by our team. No one is picked for our team that we would question being in our own home or in our family’s homes. No one wants an ‘unknown’ person in their home or office.

After a structure is dried out, cleaned up after a fire or the microbial growth is removed, the next step to getting things back to normal is rebuilding the structure. We can help in this field also. Our professional company is alicensed general contractor in the state of California.  We have performed many, many rebuild projects from small to very large. We have a great staff and many great pre-approved sub-contractors to help make this phase of the project go smooth and with limited stress. Quality and your peace of mind are our main concerns.

American Textile Cleaning Services specializes in carpet, upholstery, natural stone, ceramic flooring and other specialty type cleaning. In this field of expertise, we have defined ourselves as ‘top of our class’. We only use high end cleaning solutions, up to date education and we only use the best cleaning truck mount type trucks in the field. Vortex truck mounts are considered the ‘best in class’ and for a good reason. They are extremely powerful and provide the best cleaning. We learned early on that only high quality results can be provided if the best products and equipment are used to achieve it.

The company started out back in 2001 serving the great community of Wrightwood. Its original name was Timberline Cleaning Company. As years went by and the company diversified, the corporate name was changed to American Cleaning & Restoration Services, Inc. to better describe the business and what it did. We are also very proud Americans that would do anything for this great country. We take great pride in serving the many wonderful people who make up the local communities we serve.  We hope we can relieve the stress of a loss and help you out should the need arise in the future.